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Fiona is a Canadian born artist.  Her fascination with the wilderness reaches back to her early years, when she was introduced to the spirit of Ontario nature during a canoe trip through Algonquin Provincial Park with her parents.

Throughout her childhood, she made countless canoe trips through Algonquin’s interior and spent many summers at her Grandparent’s farm on Chemong Lake in Ontario’s Kawartha Lake Region.

Fiona was inspired to capture her vision of Ontario in paintings at the age of twelve and taught herself to paint.

Her style is unique.  Fiona seizes Canadian icons ... the Wolf, the Loon, the Bear ... and presents them on a non-traditional medium such as Badger® Canoe Paddles, or even rocks and furniture.

After meeting her husband, Mike Ramsay (an avid Canoeist and Outdoor Enthusiast) in 1997, while both working in the the Paddle Sports/Outdoor Industry, Mike and Fiona travelled out west - their last stop being Victoria, B.C. - and were soon married upon their return to their home province of Ontario. After buying a home on the Wabi River, they extended their small family to not only include a dog (Sadie) but also a son, Makobe - named after a local river. Discovering Makobe has autism, Fiona and Mike became advocates for their precious son and for sharing information with their community about Autism Spectrum Disorder and the policies surrounding their regional government autism program.

Fiona & Mike (& now Makobe) still love paddling and the outdoors and are the passionate owners of Badger® Paddles... for those who dig the water.  They now all live - with much content - in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. The family business, including Fiona’s art, was recently included as a feature in Muskoka Magazine (July 2012 Issue).


ARTIST profile

Name: Fiona Westner-Ramsay

Location:  Buck Lake, Huntsville, Ontario CANADA


Industry: Outdoors/Paddle Sports

Occupation: Mother/Wife/Friend/Daughter/Artist/Graphic Artist/Badger Paddles-Owner/Homeschool Teacher-Behaviour Intervention Therapist/Autism Advocate



Information about the Ontario  IBI/ABA Government Funded Autism Program Link





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